Questions and Answers

Q Where do you work from?

A I will work from your place or my own office


Q Who will you work for?

A I will work for any acceptable to me client


Q Will you tender more than 1 client per same contract?

A NO I will only tender the same job to the first request


Q Do you keep records of your tenders?

A Yes we keep copies for 3 years of all works supplied


Q In what form will I receive tenders?

A Your choice, electronically, hard copy, or disk.


Q How much work can you cope with?

A Depends on the type some site works can dominate our time.

We would always advise you if we could not cope


Q Will you represent my company in meetings?

A Yes but your client must be advised of my standing and authority


Q How will you know my labour & material costs? 

A You will have to advise me on those costs any information you give me will stay with me and not be passed onto any other party. Labour costs entered into tenders will be base rates per trade / operative, materials will be required from your chosen merchant.


Q What are your terms of trading?

A For quotations we submit a price for the works itemising content, you issue an order, we compete the works, an invoice is issued with your tender, and payment is required within 1 week after the tender date


For other works we will submit a rate, you will issue an order, we will keep time record sheet for your representative to agree and sign. We will submit an invoice for payment at the end of works or monthly for payment within 1 week.


Q Can I terminate a quotation after ordering?

A Yes you can however if I have started work on it I will show you the amount of involvement and require payment only for that amount of work


Q How will I know your price is correct?

A I have had many years experience in this field, and tender comparisons will increase your confidence. Outsourcing your needs will keep your overheads low and help you stay competitive.


Q Can you guarantee I will make a profit on your tenders?

A NO it is the same as an in house employed estimator’s work. It is up to you to get the job at the best price then execute the works making the best savings and methods of construction.


Q Can you design and provide drawings?

A Yes and no we will provide designs and quotations for the smaller plant rooms and installations, but larger contract may require a specialist M&E design, pre construction drawings, construction drawings and as built drawings. We do not provide this service but can arrange for it with specialist colleges.


Q Can you provide budget prices?

A Yes these are non committal and are only given as a guide to probable cost from given information at that time.


The above are question been asked in the past but if there are other questions you have please do not hesitate in contacting ourselves to alleviate your concerns


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